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2016.3.19-21 What's for dinner?

Spring is trying to appear...but it has been chilly, windy, stormy and warm...can't make up it's mind!  No matter the weather, my Everything Man cooks up some amazing grub. I help sometimes, but he is the master of our kitchen currently. Grated parm Scott's spaghetti...the best in the world. Homemade sweet and white tater chips and fajitas Brisket & chuck beef burgers.  Scott makes the best potato chips ever...and his burger is my favorite too.  He didn't love the brisket addition...but it was worth a try.  I ate all of was yummy in my book. This was for the spaghetti probably...these pictures don't always go in order...buttery toast. Cheese melting on the burgers. Fresh hot tater chips. after being soaked and dried. Toppings My brothers artichoke dip...the best dip ever!  Seriously.  Quadruple for a gathering. The brisket and ground chuck all mixed together and ready to make burgers.  I love those

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

A lot of these pics are backwards...but you get the idea.We've cooked so many things since my last post....I've been busy eating it all, but busy posting for my classroom blog.  This food has fueled all the creative energy I need for my little munchkins at school.  Thanks to everything man, I'm well fed. I think this is chunks of ham?  No, I think left over BBQ pork chops....Found the below notes on a previous draft for this post "It's Sunday nite, 1.24.16.  Chile Verde mise has been done...and it smells like chicken broth in my home.  Scott's watching football with a Corona in hand.  We had a great weekend and now it's time to rest up and wind up the weekend for work tomorrow.  I can't believe it's already more than half way through the school goes by faster and faster.  And I love every minute." Frozen sautéed onions we keep on hand. roasted poblanos, garlic...I see verde in my future. Cumin, chile powder, masa