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2015 Sept 22-26

Beef Dips..deli roast beef Bourbon to drink while you cook...we like Knob Creek AuJu or how ever you spell it. With habanero ranch kettle chips from Target Chicken Thigh Curry with tomatoes and onion Shrapnel from sorting foam letters, numbers and shapes at school.  Mind numbing meatballs for meatball subs.  These were in the freezer from the last batch. Who ever doesn't like leftovers...I feel sorry for you...double dumb Toasted bread with melted Provelone Bought a gorgeous red scooter today!  We call her the Red Baron Pillowey french bread with extra marinara to dip it in Time for onion rings....first soak in Franks and buttermilk for an hour. egg to dip it in but first in seasoned flour then in egg and more seasoned flour with PRIME RIBEYE!  which means melt in your mouth like butter steak The assembly line. onion rings frying in canola oil The next victims. This is a little out of

2015 Sept 11-20

Pluckers is a favorite restaurant.  Their wings are amazing.  I love the medium buffalo, and we also like the  gochujang  & Baker's Gold... they have a great big bar and lots of yummy beer too.  The staff is great! Enough said I'm not in the mood to turn this around...these are our future dog names...yes they are all food related.  Misenplace or Mise for short, Milkshake and Mole Ranch Marinara for meatball subs red velvet bundlets frozen raspberries for smoothies chicken biscuit at Kelly's and my favorite bacon waffle Happy birthday to our friend Chile Verde! Cane's chicken Pork Chops Yes, dishes must be done beef broth for the gravy Anniversary dinner at Masu Ramen...I think that's what it's