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7.10.11 beef, mushroom, broccoli stir fry...yum!

We were long overdue for some homemade stir fry.  I was hoping for some kitchen's hard to care about cooking when it is 104 outside...I almost don't even care about eating when it is this hot...almost. So off to Market Street I went...for stir fry ingredients and watermelon...I figure if I cook then Scott will make us a watermelon\mango margarita! beef & broccoli stir fry (inspired by my Momma's world class stirfry recipes) 1 lb flank steak...sliced very (paper) thin against the grain (I put it in the freezer for a while which helps in the cutting) 2 heads broccoli...I separate the florets and then trim & slice the stems...they are yummy too! 8 oz baby bella mushrooms (Scott's fav), cleaned and cut in half...I remove the stems and cut them in half too 2 cloves garlic 1 tbs corn starch (mixed with a little cold water and whisk till a thin paste) 2-3 tbs canola oil (add to pan as needed to stir fry) drizzle of sesame oil 1/2 cup each fresh basil