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6.10.10 A perfect summer meal

Lyssy's Guacamole, with a Heine and Scoops chips...a perfect summer meal...eaten in bed, under a cool fan watchin t.v.

5.24.10 Blazin' Carrots

Erich's 30th B-day Cakes...both carrot with tangy cream cheese frosting topped with toasted chopped walnuts that were scrumptious and "made" the cake. happy birthday little brother...wish I had some of this cake right now

5.22.10 Scott's homemade chips

Scott's homemade tortilla chips...with fresh guacamole. Lyssy's Guacamole 2 large or 4 small ripe avocados ( I cut them in half, pit them, dice them in the skin and then spoon it into bowl) 1 small lime or lemon, juiced (start with half and add more if needed) Franks Hot Sauce- lots, at least 1-2 TBS Salt- good pinch, to taste Cilantro-sometimes...just torn over and mixed in Juice the citrus into a small bowl, add salt and hot sauce and stir/swirl to dissolve salt. Scoop avocado into bowl and smash with fork, combining with citrus/hotsauce tear cilantro in and stir...taste test and adjust seasoning...EAT Now all you need is a beer or margarita...dinner is served.