Rice Pilaf Recipe

  Rice Pilaf 4 cups  chicken  stock 1.5 cups sushi rice 3/4 to 1 stick butter 1.5 cups  vermicelli , crushed or tiny soup noodles (pastina) salt to taste brown  vermicelli  in butter (watch and stir closely, can burn fast) add rice and stir till slicked with butter add stock, stir, and bring to a bubble, taste for salt (add salt or bullion to taste) turn to lowest heat possible on stove, cover and cook 20 min don't lift the lid until it cooks the full 20 min

Roasted Cauliflower & Mushroom Risotto

Scott made roasted cauliflower last week and I couldn't stop eating it hot off the baking sheet, which inspired this dish.  Scott made the cauliflower and mushrooms (which brought back childhood mushroom memories from a favorite Italian restaurant in my hometown) and I made the risotto.  1.5 C Arborio Rice 4.5 C Chicken Stock 1/3 C diced yellow onion 5 TBS dry white wine 1 C parmesan cheese/grated 1 lb sauteed sliced/quartered mushrooms (seasoned with S&P, garlic or garlic powder optional) 1 head roasted cauliflower, cut up roasted with olive oil, S&P at 400 for 20 ish minutes, until golden. butter and olive oil Follow directions on the back of the arborio rice box for risotto as a rough guide.  Add mushrooms and cauliflower (about 3/4 of cauliflower) to risotto, top with parm, an extra knob of butter, and EAT! Divine!

Chicken Marsala & Pilaf

  Chicken Marsala and pilaf....HEAVENLY!  One of my new favorites from Everything Man.  We ate it two nights in a row it was so good. Recipe: Thin chicken breasts (2 cut in half), s&p, then lightly flour, pat off excess, brown on both sides in a little evoo & butter, set aside 1-2 lbs Mushrooms, sliced & caramelized in evoo & butter in same pan as chicken, add 1 tsp chopped garlic at very end so it doesn't burn Deglaze with 1 Cup Marsala wine & 1/4 Cup Sherry (we had cream sherry on hand) and reduce by 25% then add 1 Cup Chicken Stock (good quality).  Add fresh herbs, chives, parsley, optional. Serve over  pilaf,  noodles...cardboard, it won't matter.

What did we eat the last 365?

I wish I could say I'd grown it... I don't promise these are in order...but consumed and enjoyed nonetheless. Chicken curry Think KFC bowl...but homemade Chile Verde Marriage Chili Guacamole for beef fajitas A few too many fried okra from Chicken Express Prime rib Friends over for a taco/margarita party Cheesecake factory...butter from Visalia! Artichokes and crab cakes. Papusas State Fair Funnel Cake Beer time for a downtown burger with my honey Cheese chile relleno casserole Salsa or soup...not sure which...thinking tomato Ribs Thanksgiving brunch Siblings...our last photos all together