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2016.6.18 Summer is HOT in Texas

This summer is all about being out of school, putting on new roofs and our new home.   Just ordered these amazingly cute coasters.  We are all rednecks at heart and love a mini pallet! One of our new haunts in Van A.  A cute little hole in the wall Mexican place called El Patio...about 2 min from our house. A ring on the brand new marble in the master bath...the result of serving a cold cerveza and lime dribbled on the counter...and it is haggling me!  i'm trying all sorts of solutions and it is evading me so far.   martha stewart i am NOT. Watermelon strawberry margarita attempts...I'm always a willing cocktail guinea pig some decor pics of the new house as we settle in and figure out where to put our stuff.  the dining room pub table with my favorite pumpkins our beautiful simple backyard, where the weeds are haggling me. the living room in process...see all my shrapnel from researching and having a cold?  not hard to