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2015 Sept 27-Oct 18 #Birthday Week(s)!

A celebratory bourbon. Our 23rd anniversary was Sept 42nd bday Oct 10 and S's 51's is Oct we justify all sorts of extravagances during these weeks...and month.   #Birthdayweek Cheers with french painted nails Blackened shrimp with cheesy grits and steak meatball subs from left over meatballs and spaghetti YUM...watering mouth as I type. Cheesy grits steak getting warmed up. blackened tilapia trying a new bourbon...a little spicier than Knob Creek  butter getting foamy pilaf cooking, butter warming..and I can't remember what else. marinated mushrooms for our salad a mix of balsamic and Italian dressing love the reflection of the light in the granite. Oh, that's right..the other pan had creamy shrimp warming up. Breakfast at Cracker Barrel means funny Christmas stuff. Grocery list...there are many of these in our home hatch chiles chix broth a cold Heini ti