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Chix Pot Pie...with Puff Pastry

We have guests coming tonight...and chix pot pie is on the menu...I actually made it last nite for dinner guests...a good friend and her daughter. i figured i'd make it once and cook it fresh each far so good...thankfully scott is willing to eat the same meal two nites in a row...which is what we do often anyway with leftovers. spent time with my youngest bro today and got my gray hairs colored... i feel all sassy and ready for a dinner party! got my red wine...oak leaf merlot...fresh brownies...ghiradelli boxed brownies with almond extract added and toffee crumbs 0n my moms faithful pampered chef stoneware square pan...which i swiped back today since they never use it...sneeky. they are scotts favorite...i hope they turned out well. here's the pot pie recipe...based on a show from food network:) 1 roast chicken , stripped and shredded (or the equivalent in chicken breasts or thighs, roasted and shredded...i used b/s chicken breasts and roasted them in the ov

Larry the Lobster

My brother, chef Mikey (who loves to cook as much...probably even more than I do) and his sweet (& spicy) Amanda...take Larry to the spa

mushroom porkchops and noodles

this is based on my moms porkchops and noodles, which was maybe my favorite meal as a child. seared lean porkchops in creamy mushroom gravy over wide egg noodles...buttered egg noodles as a matter of fact. was st pattys day and scott and i needed a little excitement in an otherwise blah day, so i got a little brew and a family pak of thin pork chops and we are off to the races. 8 thin lean porkchops, trimmed, salted, peppered and floured (added salt to flour) 1 can cream o mushroom 1 lb sliced mushrooms 1 cup chix stock, plus 1.5 cups h2o 2 oz bacon, chopped or pancetta, browned and set aside olive oil at least 3-5 tbs...who knows...its good for you ok 2 tbs extra flour 1/3 bag of frozen peas...maybe 1 cup or so 12 oz bag wide egg noodles 2 tbs butter cayenne/dash & nutmeg/dash brown trimmings from chops in a little olive oil, discarding the trimmings. crisp bacon and set aside in a bowl add more olive oil to pan crank heat to hight and brown 'shroo