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10.9.10 Birthday Eve Ravioli Lasagna

 Frozen Ravioli Lasagna topped with fresh basil It's the eve of my 37th birthday...I'm ambivalent about the bday part (although I generally love bdays...just feeling I should "be" more by 37 than I am)....anyway...time to decide on dinner, and since I'm married to a man who likes "DINNER"...not "dinner"...Lasagna was the decision...but a simple version I've heard/read about for a while...made with ravioli.  We're using frozen cheese & beef we'll see.  They are in the oven right now...have been for 40 mins.. first at 350, which was promptly change to 425..then up to 400...a little experimentation going on. I think another 10 min at 400 and it will be time to take off the foil and brown for 10 min while the bread cooks... jarred sauce, with 1 lb browned/seasoned beef, a large dollop of sour cream, and a knob of pesto from the freezer the sauce smeared on the first layer  about 6 oz of fontina

9.29.10 Works Chinese Chix Salad & Choc. Souffles!

Oh how I love this salad....we've made it several times's based on my mom's recipe...I use her dressing recipe with a small addition of a splash of sesame oil...just a splash makes all the difference. Scott thought we should make an addition recently of roasted pumpkin seeds, which we'd purchased at Central Market...a day which started out with a great chiro adjustment from the fabulous Dr. Matt...and ended with Scott having a torn off toenail from a grocery cart at CM..:(  where we got the pumpkin seeds, roasted and seasoned with a little tamari :)...we add avocado (Scott's contribution also), a sweet bellpepper (red, yellow or orange please).  Well it is just one of our favorite meals ever...and is nostaligic for made it a lot as a kid...what a great momma I have! I imagine I've posted the recipe before...the dressing is the most important part and I often make extra. 1/4 Cup oil (olive or neutral oil like Canola) 1/4 Cup sugar (