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Cowboy Ribeye

From last nights dinner Alyssa

Onion Soup inspired by Ina Garten

2 lbs vidalia onion, 1/4 in sliced, browned  20 min Med high with 1/4 lb butter.  3/4 cup cooking sherry and splash of whisky, deglaze 5 min simmer, 1.5c white wine simmer 20 min, 6cups broth  1/2 beef, 1/2 chicken broth, simmer 20 min.  Added greyuere rind..yes I know I spelled it wrong.  Seasoned with aujus liquid and fresh ground black pepper, about 1/4-1/2 tsp. Will shave parm on top and serve with ribeye beef sandwich. See Ina's for original recipe. Alyssa

2017 January, pot roast, verde, Marriage chili & cake..Great New Year!

My sweetie making me a cake...just because. AND Chile Verde! Grandma's oranges from San J Cali, her backyard Marriage Chili turned into Frito boats Love me a Choc Chip Cookie Scott's best Pot Roast ever.

2016 July-Aug, Summer Vacation to Grandma's, Grand Canyon, Alaska Cruisin', Vegas, Bellagio Fountai

Why doesn't every convenience store have these? On the road for our two week Summer vacation...must get my Diet Coke...first to Arizona, spending the night in Flagstaff Love me some Jimmy Johns Amazing Burrito at this joint. Used a gift card from my student gifts for ice cream! On our way to Boulder City to see the Grand Canyon...stopped at this cute place on Route 66 for breakfast. Brewery in Boulder City & Hoover Dam Museum Tour while we are killing time. Shandy Grand Canyon helicopter tour before we head to Vegas.  It was windy & walking into an oven. First time staying at the Bellagio...expensive, but a bucket list thing for me.  I LOVE those fountains.  I sat in front of that huge window and watched them for two days...they had the music playing on the t.v. to match the fountains.  I was in much so we stayed two nights instead of one. View from our room. Drinks at the bar o