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2016.6.18 surf & turf

got lobster at Costco for surf & turf to go with our steak that we've saved in the freezer.  e.m. requested caesar salad, which i have the hardest time remembering how to spell.  fail for the english lit major.

Watermelon Margaritas

Practicing Watermelon Margaritas: Found this one online. 2 cups diced seeded watermelon, frozen 3/4 cup tequila 1/3 cup triple sec (orange-flavored liqueur) 1 tablespoon sugar 2 tablespoons lime juice 2 cups crushed ice Granulated sugar (optional) Lime slices (optional) Orange slices (optional) Place frozen watermelon, tequila, triple sec, sugar, and lime juice in a blender; process until smooth. Add ice; process until smooth. Serve in glasses rimmed with sugar, and garnish with lime and orange slices, if desired.  Yield: 5 servings (serving size: 1 cup).