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March 2013

awesome tequila...about 30$ and worth it...for sipping fries, steak and wedge Scott's coconut shrimp Kirkland margaritas on to the cheap tequila about 2 oz of this magic mix from Costco (has wine in it) mixed with about the same of tequila, give or take...extra lime wedge and pinch of salt. YUM!  our new favorite. and tthis huge bottle is 8.99! bbq chicken pulled pork sammies with the pork from costco bye bye rita

1.21.13 marinated beef tips & mashed taters


Feb 2013

John's cognac cream sauce and steak crazy mac n cheese...yes that's pancetta wedge salad...lots of these lately too chicken cordon blue from market street (bought pre-made and we baked), with mashed sweet taters and salad happy valentines day! \ chocolate dipped cream cheese stuffed strawberries mooyah sammies and cheetos how cute is his little coffee set up...all ready for the morning :) some crazy good pasta with artichoke hearts and shrimp with grilled fish that he mouth is watering just looking at the picture the beer got a little frozen :) meatloaf...inspired by ina mashed taters!!! shredded pork enchiladas with sour cream topping & I've been losing weight since August of 2012...25lbs!  all while eatting this amazing food!