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Cowboy Ribeye

From last nights dinner Alyssa

Onion Soup inspired by Ina Garten

2 lbs vidalia onion, 1/4 in sliced, browned  20 min Med high with 1/4 lb butter.  3/4 cup cooking sherry and splash of whisky, deglaze 5 min simmer, 1.5c white wine simmer 20 min, 6cups broth  1/2 beef, 1/2 chicken broth, simmer 20 min.  Added greyuere rind..yes I know I spelled it wrong.  Seasoned with aujus liquid and fresh ground black pepper, about 1/4-1/2 tsp. Will shave parm on top and serve with ribeye beef sandwich. See Ina's for original recipe. Alyssa

2017 January, pot roast, verde, Marriage chili & cake..Great New Year!

My sweetie making me a cake...just because. AND Chile Verde! Grandma's oranges from San J Cali, her backyard Marriage Chili turned into Frito boats Love me a Choc Chip Cookie Scott's best Pot Roast ever.