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humidity & lemon butter shrimp with angel hair 7.11.10

lemon butter shrimp with angel hair Scott arrived home last nite...we met at B.J.'s for a drink and late nite snack...then home to sleep soundly and up for a day together!  A visit to mom & dad''s buzzed hair and disappearing eyebrows, which mom hates..."don't talk to me right now!"...and mom recreating an infamous "flashing" moment with Scott...all to our amusement (how do you spell that word?)...then off to PTF (Plano Tortilla Factory) for Migas...then Costco for supplies & upgraded bedding...and off to meet Dad & Ee at the spa so the could work on my shelving etc....then the rest of the day with my Scottie (which he prefers I don't call him, but I can't help it)...noted the historic win for Spain in the World to the store to purchase ingredients for lemon butter (& caper) for the pool.  Earl Campbell sausage was added to the mix...and off to the pool to toss the little football and fight off t

7.5.10 Fourth of July left overs taken to a new level...McNeely beef filet sandwiches

Madi and her sparklers We spent the fourth of July evening with our sweet friends the McNeely's at the McRanch with friends/ fun.  I even got a chance to mix up some banana cosmo's for the girls, Holly suggested the banana since we had no orange liquor..not bad :) It was great to hang out with friends & family, as soon as Mikey & Amanda arrived with the kids, Madi exited to the car to a warm and enthusiastic embrace of a similar aged little girl she'd never long lost friends, so precious! It was great to watch the kids blow bubbles, Scott toss the football...and fireworks...Even got to love on our precious Tex, pit bull extraordinare.  I brought pilaf and Scott got a few rotisserie chickens which he promptly teased that he'd roasted personally.  Sammy grilled beef tenderloins and we were fortunate enough to bring a few slices home.  The next day we brainstormed (Scott & me) on how to use the little treasures...which were already cooked

7.3.10 Beef skewers, vegies & Scott's "Most Excellent Onion Rings"

We'd done the beef skewers and vegies  and baked beans before, but these onion rings are by far the best ever...Vidalia onions, drenched in Frank's hot sauce, whole milk buttermilk...soaked then dredged in flour, egg, flour again, left to dry in the fridge and fried to crispy (not a hint of greasy) perfection by Scott.  oil heating up for rings...peppers and onions and beans warmin up peppers and onions Bush's baked beans...grillin style baby bella mushrooms, quartered freshly ground black satifying to grind it by hand with a mortar and pestle fresh lime juice for the marinade sauteeing mushrooms with the peppers and onions drenched and dredged onion rings ready for the oil the skewers are on the grill the best rings I've EVER put in my mouth...Thx honey Sirloin was marinated in asian marinade (lots of freshly ground black pepper and freshly squeezed lime juice)...posted on here already...grilled till charred and tender.  Onion, bell peppers and baby bella

6.21.10 Scott's burgers with avocado & sourdough, old mason jars & pedi chairs

an old mason jar, chilled with brew & lime...hard to beat a classic Got my pedi chair and tub into my pedi room today..and Scott stayed today (been commuting to OK City for business) to help me get it in..and now is staying to make us happy...was so stressed about this dang pedi situation, getting my tub plumbed and all...such a "girl" sometimes, fretting too much...ended up being a great day. Scott's burger's are just the best...ground chuck, seasoned with coarse kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper and a dash of garlic powder...maybe a teeny bit of cayenne.  Seared very hot, so they are crusty on the outside and pink and tender inside..usually on the cast iron skillet, or on the grill.  He's grown fond of toasted sourdough for the bun, and sliced avocado (inspired by a recent burger at B.J.'s) Served with baked beans and bbq kettle chips...a summer favorite.

6.19.10 teriyaki basil beef skewers & iced watermelon

Our recipe for Scott's incredible sirloin skewers.. 1lb cubed sirloin (2 inch), 1 tsp ground blk pepper, big pinch red pepper flakes, 1 cup Yoshidas(Costco), 1 tsp sesame oil, 1 tbsp roasted garlic, 1 tbsp soy sauce, bunch fresh basil, bruised, two sprigs rosemary bruised, half lime zested and squeezed, 2 tbsp olive oil and 1/2 cup water (the Yoshida's is very concentrated)...toss beef cubes in marinade...i also tossed in half of a earl campbell sausage for an experiment...don't let the steak marinate too's strong and the meat will be like jerky...which isn't altogether bad. A chubby seedless watermelon skinned and diced is chilling in the freezer. We taste tested it already and Scott picked a super sweet, and perfectly textured melon. A yellow onion is waiting to be sauteed with a lb of baby bella 'shrooms....and Bush's Baked Grillin' beans are warming. I''ve spent the last week in ok city w Scott and just came home last nite. Very