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7.5.12 strawberry margaritas

with fresh strawberries Pitcher: fresh lime juice- 6oz tequila-12oz trip sec-3oz sugar syrup to taste pinch salt add a few fresh crushed berries

7.4.12 Brisket Chile Verde enchiladas

topped with fresh cilantro Rolled each corn tortilla (fried before to keep soft) with meat, vegies and cheese topped sauce, more cheese and cooked (350 for 20min?) ready for the slow cooker with the brisket with onions, garlic and chicken broth, chopped the brisket (see top left of pic), drained and chopped peppers & onions from slow cooker made the enchilada white sauce with the juices from the slow cooker (made a roux and then added the broth) fresh roasted poblanos   right before it was adorned with green herbage a not so successful strawberry cake....strawberry frosting was good...cake too dense the best part...leftovers!

7.2.12 It's summer! chicken fajitas & guac & margaritas

A perfect meal is fresh guac (avocado, lime, salt & Frank's), good tortilla chips and a fresh margarita lots of margaritas this summer...this one a strawberry one with our chicken fajitas sliced marinated chicken fresh guac please

6.29.12 Chicken biscuit with gravy

a crispy fried chicken breast over a hot biscuit topped with sausage gravy enough said Based on this recipe from Triple D

6.28.12 roasted chicken salad

the beginnings of one of our favorites...chopped roasted chicken, nuts, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and balsamic or chinese dressing. YUM We've eaten this a lot this summer.  It's so hot that we hate turning on the oven...this requires none of that nonsense.