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2.3.10 - 2.17.10 Valentines & much more

2.3.10 Stuffed Pork Chops...mushrooms, cheese (not sure what kind), bacon...roasted taters, & mushrooms 2.11.10...snow day! all gone!...I think we had chix?  not sure cause it was so good there was very little evidence!  Scott made a mushroom, carmelized cream sauce that was delicious...and sliced roasted tater "chips" Toffee!  for Valentines...never had a chance for Christmas, so I made heart day toffee & heart cute..and DELICIOUS! given as gifts to our loved ones for Valentines 2.14.10  Happy Valentines Day...Mac N Cheese & Cake! my army of ingredients...cheese, broccoli, chix, bacon, mushrooms, pasta, cream, butter, bread crumbs & freshly ground pepper & nutmeg lots of leftovers for lunches! yellow cake w choc cream cheese frosting with mini choc chips YUM!..the guys at work got the rest of this...oh I wish I had some now!  This was a wonderful Valentines day...Napoli's the night before...and the whole day together today. 2.17.10...roas

1.20.10 - 1.30.10 Scott's squash soup, Mango tilapia, carmelized chix fahitas, marriage chili & baked chix cilantro taquitos

we finished out january with some very good meals...several homemade soups, seared fish with a fresh made mango salsa, chix fahitas, pork "marriage" chili and baked chix taquitos... acorn squash soup, tilipia with mango salsa...ala Scott...YUM 1.20.10 1.23.10 chix fahitas with guacomole, cilantro & carmelized onion 1.25.10 pork "marriage" chili freshly cubed pork loin portebello earthy and beautiful our favorite aromatic veggies..carrot, onion, jalepeno, bell pepper 1.27.10 butternut squash soup...while Scott was making this, he accidentally dropped a fork in the blender, which promptly shot straight up to the ceiling and splattered him in roasted vegies...this soup had squash, I think sweet tater?, hot sauce, broccoli...oh so delicious so thick, rich and cream, but you'd have thought it did 1.30.10 chopped chix, with bell pepper and other yummy carmelized vegies and some fresh cilantro filling for our baked taquitos a little army

1.16.10 - 1.19.10 mushroom marinara

boy oh boy am i behind on blogging our feels good to have a moment to sit, write, reflect and daydream of the past and next meals.  January was a beginning of better eating.  Alton Brown inspired.  we made our favorite marinara and used it several times over the these days for different meals...all healthy and full of delicious ingredients. 1.16.10- mushroom marinara over capellini (I think?) with a balsamic salad and sour dough toasts...& lots of parm cheese...YUM. mushroom marinara...recipe posted already 1.17.10 roasted bell peppers under the broiler...with artichokes & chix w/our marinara artichokes: boil 30 min in water w/a little citrus after trimming.  Our favorite sauce is a tbs of mayo, 2 tsp mustard, s&p and a 1/2 sweetner pkt (or sugar)...YUM!  I dressed the roasted peppers in balsamic dressing. 1.18.10  cheese toast with tomato, balsamic, carrots & olives...a quick, simple dinner after a long day at work...not great but still did the trick. 1.