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2015 Summer of Food

What a summer!  The best yet.  Definitely the best in between school year.  We relaxed, traveled to Cali and Austin, cooked, ate, read, slept in and spent lots of time together. I didn't blog much this summer because I was doing all of the above!  But here is some of what we ate between school years 14-15 & 15-16. Osso Bucco at Patrizio's Baked Snapper...definitely take off the scales! Went for Ramen in Austin at Ramen Tatsuya. ..this is the inside of the women's potty. All hand painted. Door to women's potty  Men's The counter at The entrance cold Sake RAMEN!!!!!  In a strip center! Arriving at Franklin BBQ early in the AM to get in line. reading to pass the time the line is growing ordering! BEST BRISKET EVER!!!!!!!!!!!  Unlike anything we've ever tasted Breakfast at Maria's Taco Express .  I highly recommend the Migas T