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Roasted Cauliflower & Mushroom Risotto

Scott made roasted cauliflower last week and I couldn't stop eating it hot off the baking sheet, which inspired this dish.  Scott made the cauliflower and mushrooms (which brought back childhood mushroom memories from a favorite Italian restaurant in my hometown) and I made the risotto.  1.5 C Arborio Rice 4.5 C Chicken Stock 1/3 C diced yellow onion 5 TBS dry white wine 1 C parmesan cheese/grated 1 lb sauteed sliced/quartered mushrooms (seasoned with S&P, garlic or garlic powder optional) 1 head roasted cauliflower, cut up roasted with olive oil, S&P at 400 for 20 ish minutes, until golden. butter and olive oil Follow directions on the back of the arborio rice box for risotto as a rough guide.  Add mushrooms and cauliflower (about 3/4 of cauliflower) to risotto, top with parm, an extra knob of butter, and EAT! Divine!

Chicken Marsala & Pilaf

  Chicken Marsala and pilaf....HEAVENLY!  One of my new favorites from Everything Man.  We ate it two nights in a row it was so good. Recipe: Thin chicken breasts (2 cut in half), s&p, then lightly flour, pat off excess, brown on both sides in a little evoo & butter, set aside 1-2 lbs Mushrooms, sliced & caramelized in evoo & butter in same pan as chicken, add 1 tsp chopped garlic at very end so it doesn't burn Deglaze with 1 Cup Marsala wine & 1/4 Cup Sherry (we had cream sherry on hand) and reduce by 25% then add 1 Cup Chicken Stock (good quality).  Add fresh herbs, chives, parsley, optional. Serve over  pilaf,  noodles...cardboard, it won't matter.