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Baking with Madison...thank the Lord for chocolate.

Madison was inspired to bake by her book... What's baking,Strawberry Shortcake? ...and by her bunny cookie house she decorated yesterday. It was time to bake a chocolate cake...a good time filler for a five year old and her tired "auntie"...who earlier in the day while swimming and irritated at me told me that she was too big to play with toys...while she did the quotes with her fingers! How does a five year old know to do quotation marks with her fingers to emphasis her point!? I asked her what that meant, what she did with her fingers...and she replied something a little non-sensical...but no so much that it still didn't leave me scratching my head. I am amazed at what comes out of her little mind...she told me today, totally out of the blue that she was sad (this while watching a video right next to me and completely happy just seconds before). I asked why she was sad...and as only a child of divorce can so heart-breakingly say..."I don't want another bed.

Birthdays & Independence

Today is Independence two ways...its the celebration of the declaration of our independence as the great country of the USA and a personal independence day for Scott & me...and our sweet little Cheyenne. We said goodbye to Cheyenne, who would be 16 in two weeks, and he said hello to his brothers in heaven..."no more worn out body little man". I made a carrot cake for our family celebration today...we're celebrating Mikey's 31'st bday which was June 30th and Independence day...and I'll be thinking of my sweet Cheyenne. I baked this cake yesterday to help keep me busy so I wouldn't just sit in a heap and I cried and baked instead. The recipe is from our dear friend and cake baker...well lets just say artist extraordinare, Cynthia Record Jehl. The frosting is the Sprinkles version of cream cheese frosting that I've been trying out lately, which is already on here. I made this cake about a month ago for Erich's 29th bday too...i