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New Years 2015

We stayed up past midnight for the first time in a long time.  A family gathering at Mike and Amanda's and everyone showed up.  It was surprisingly a calm and really great time...surprising because the usual family drama was absent.  We had a really great time.  We had Mikey's smoked pork, Ina's potato au gratin cooked by Scott & I, and Eaton Beans cooked by me.  It was a fantastic meal! Today we are making Lobster Risotto and stuffed mushrooms .  Baylor is playing in a bowl game and the   Lobster Stock  is on the stove.  It's rainy and cold outside and I'm glad we are all snugged in at home.  We just returned a few days ago from a week in California with family for Christmas...a great time with lots of great food too.  We went to Tahoe for a few days too...spectacular sights and a spectacular burger at Lucky Beaver's and bacon  waffle at Red Hut. the view of mountains from my home town...across the street from my Grandma's