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scaloppini de pollo & fried red tomatoes

This is my hubby's birthday dinner from a few years ago...its a copycat of the scaloppini de pollo from macaroni grill. when we were trying to decide what to fix for dinner he asked if we had the ingredients for this...which we almost did. he ran to the store to get the missing stuff and i started cooking. i'm not sure what night last week we ate this but it was so yummy! we only made a 1/2 of the recipe cause it was just for two...but we still had leftovers. s.w. even ate it for breakfast the next day! how can you go wrong with a recipe that calls for a lb of butter in the sauce! i felt paula deen's presence in my kitchen:) this is really a very simple dish that could be made with a variety of proteins. seafood would be fabulous! any way this it the second or third time i've made it and it is so unctuous and satisfying and very easy. i made the chicken but s.w. a.k.a. the hubby decided to use the roma tomatoes we had to make some fried red tomatoes. they were like a bu

tacos...again... from left overs

lyssy's tacos i must have a deep connection to left overs... other than a few condiments, most of our ingredients were all from left overs. left over seasoned ground beef from the enchilada lasagna which scott ate the last of last night...i ate a couple tacos last night, i guess preparing for tonight... we fried a few (ok, almost a half dozen) flour tortillas, filled them with the seasoned beef, left over sauteed onions (from the enchilada's), canned green chiles, fresh tomato & ice berg lettuce dressed with our favorite balsamic dressing (recipe to follow), sour cream we had in the fridge, el fenix salsa we had in the fridge (one of scott's favorites), ketchup for scott....oh and left over beans...of course! they were so delicious... our appetizer was brewskis (bud lite & st paulis girl) and football for scott, a movie snugged in the bed for me. scott was having a bit of with drawl from not cooking tonight...but he was ok...its so nice to eat well off the fruits

enchilada lasagna w/ thousand island sour cream

fresh from the oven ground beef (ground round this time) browned then simmered slowly with cumin, black pepper, cayenne, bay leaf, ginger, thyme, and roasted garlic. browned in a little oil, then water added with beef bullion to make it extra beefy. simmered till really tender then put on low heat. caramelized onion, two medium yellow onion chopped then caramelized in a nonstick pan with oil till sticky and sweet. diced potato browned in oil in a nonstick skillet per ina garten the barefoot contessas charge, my husband grew up with potato in his enchiladas so his sweet momma (mama) could stretch the meal in a home with 3 men. sweet roma jean. i grew up with pinto beans in mine...same concept. okay back to business. the business of food. left over corn tortillas that need a purpose in the fridge, coupled with shredded mexican blend cheese and canned enchilada sauce. you can roll it up like enchiladas which is beautiful and loverly , but it tasted just the same all torn up and

leftovers aka senior seasonings

leftovers. not a popular topic with some folks...but i feel sorry for those who don't appreciate left overs...but i guess its more food for me. tonight its leftover...oh man we need to think of a better word...good food that i don't have to cook tonight but get to enjoy, much of which tastes better later than right after it was cooked should have a much better name. i'll work on that. we usually don't leave food that will not be as good later...we eat it all. back to tonight's menu...beans (l.0), cornbread (fresh), fat bastard taters or potatoes au gratin if you want the proper name (l.0.), sorry i didn't blog that meal of sirloin with homemade blackening seasoning layered with butter then blackened in a cast iron skillet and served with au gratin potatoes swimming in cream, butter and topped with crusty, bubbly cheese, but i digress . ahhhh yummy, but back to tonight...see "leftovers" are not just good eats but good eats memories:) ok the

kentucky-fried braised chicken & sausage over pilaf

kentucky fried 'cause it reminds you of the spices of kfc ... we've been eatin this for at least a year. the first time i made it was just with chicken and its so yummy. its easy and inexpensive...inexpensive being the important word for tonight 'cause i made it with what was in the fridge, freezer and pantry. there are times like today when you realize that the dollars for the next few weeks need to be stretched a bit...and this is a recipe that is evidence that you can eat well while saving your pennies..."save yourself broke" as orender -the velvet hammer- says. ( billorender .com) please note that "chix"= chicken below kentucky -fried braised chicken & sausage over pilaf 2 thin chix breasts & 2 earl campbell sausages (or 4 thin chix breasts), cut into into any size chunks 1 can c. of mushroom soup 1 c water w/ bullion or 1 cup broth dash or more of each cayenne, black pepper, nutmeg, dried parsley zest of one small lemon & few squir

red baron gets his pizza on

  fresh basil from the garden last night was a classic: beer & pizza...a frozen pizza doesn't make the mouth water at first glance...but wait until you doctor it up a little. the beer is usually bud-lite...i know, not very exciting...but its our go-to cheap brew. a few years back my hubby and i stumbled upon red baron frozen supreme pizza...they make two versions, either is fine and we like the classic crust which is thin and gets really crispy...we add our favorite extra toppings and pop it in a very hot 450 oven for about 15-20 minutes and "viola" gourmet thin crust pizza is for dinner. we honestly get as excited about this pizza as take out...and the price is much better. at most a frozen pie is $5 but often on sale for half that. here's what we do to make our favorite pizza...okay we prefer me-n-eds or round table, but we're in texas and they don't have it here...anyway here's the trick to for tricking up your $5