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8.3.2013 breakfast for dinner

I watched an episode of Pioneer Woman this morning and she was making breakfast for her family and the cowboys.  She made sausage gravy that sounded so good! Rhee's recipe I used 2% milk, cause that's what we had.  I doubt it's as good as hers, but it was still yummy.  A few shots of Frank's helps too. canned corn biscuits fresh from the oven...didn't get corn on purpose, but they had a sweet cornbread flavor to them. crispy Wright's thick cut bacon Scott's over easy eggs on top of his biscuits...he even flips them in the air! with strawberry jam & butter and one with gravy...with a little bacon in the middle

8.2.13 Scott's chicken tenders with caprese salad

hand cut chicken tenders seasoned with Pappy's.  We finally got some Pappy's while we were in Cali.  It, like all the other nostalgia in Cali was just as I remembered, thank goodness! the dredging station  flour eggs panko/regular breadcrumb mix aren't they lovely caprese salad with our fresh basil and favorite salad dressing recipe Scott browning them expertly in canola oil These are excellent leftover and cold...yum with homemade spicy honey mustard which is equal parts honey and mustard with a good pinch of red pepper flakes

8.1.13 Chinese Chicken Salad

shredded rotisserie chicken chopped bell peppers, tomato, cucumber going in with the chopped iceberg my lovely cocktail toasting almonds ta da...add some spinach leaves, basil leaves and crunchy noodles.  isn't it pretty? Here's the recipe for the salad dressing