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whipped cream...thank goodness for the kitchen aid mixer I honestly was ready to completely bow out of Thanksgiving this year...actually I tried to. Last year was rough...really rough... although the food was the best ever...Scott cooked the "full enchilada" last year. Well this year, even though we were in the middle of moving, Scott decided to cook a simple meal and invited a few family and friends to come I ended up getting in the spirit... a little. We did a turkey breast instead of a big turkey, a small ham, Scott's dressing/stuffing, gravy and friends brought some other stuff. Scott's chicken stuffing...we always make too much:) Oh, I'm exhausted thinking about the cooking involved in the holidays....I am thankful for Scott, or I would have eaten pizza in the bed, in the kidding. Although I must admit, I've grown tired the the "holiday meal". A big pot of chili would have been just fine...more than fine with me. I'm th