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brushcetta?  how do you spell that...too lazy to look up..with parma ham, sauteed shrooms, herb cream cheese, seared tuna & parmesean chicken...topped with jalepeno jelly I don't feel I've had much of a life I don't really consider my work my "life", even though I am blessed to serve in what ever capacity God places me...but I really feel that when I don't have time to engage with my husband, family and myself can you call that a life?...I'm going through a season of un-balance, that must end at some point...can't keep burning the candle at both ends and hold a flame under the middle of it... that said...I haven't been writing much lately...about my, gardening, books, love...the Lord...and I certainly haven't cooked much lately...and now Scott's so busy he's not cooking much makes me sad but.... here are some of the things we did cook  in March and we won't

4.10.11 Braised Short Ribs & Rosemary Roasted taters

Today is the 19th anniversary of our engagement...and just coincidentally my 1/2 birthday...37 & 1/2 today.   We had a generous GC to Whole Foods so we went and shopped like mini-Rockefellers today.  Tonight is braised short ribs and roasted rosemary taters.  We are following Ina Garten's recipe that is in her "Family Style" book.  We've always talked about cooking short ribs...I'd heard they were simple..but we were initially initimidated.  We'll see 5-6 short ribs 1/4 cup good olive oil (we used Greek extra virgin) 3 minced garlic cloves 2 large diced carrots 6 large diced celery 2 onions, large chopped s&p a few sprigs fresh rosemary...from our special "girl" a few sprigs fresh thyme 1 TBS brown sugar 1 bottle dry red wine (we used the Oak Leaf Merlot) 6 cups beef stock (we used the beef base diluted...hope it's not too salty) oven to 400...roast ribs (seasoned lightly with s&p for 15 min on sheet pan, no oil) lower