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Thanksgiving eve 2014

It's obviously a Wednesday.  Scott's gone to the store for last minute cranberry sauce, whipped cream and biscuits (for breakfast in the morning).  We cooked for a few hours together this afternoon.  "Party" playlist pulsing, and the smells and sounds of Thanksgiving in the kitchen.  We made a variation of Paula Dean's green bean casserole and a variation of Scott's mom's chicken and dressing . The kitchen is spic and span and the food sealed up tight in the fridge all ready to bake tomorrow. Click above to go to the recipes...for the dressing to make it like RJ's, use cornbread crumbs, a dozen hard boiled eggs shredded into the dressing and shredded chicken from at least 1 rotisserie chicken added to at least 4 cups of sauteed onion, celery and we add about a cup of sauteed mushrooms and a chunk of pesto too. Season as you go along...add about 4 cups chicken broth.  YUM. We'll probably make gravy to go with the dressing too. There a

Summer is over

 Summer & Spring went by was three weeks shorter than usual due to teaching summer school.  We promptly went on a cruise as soon as summer school was over! It's Fall/Winter as I type...but it's beautiful outside...window open, blue skies.  It's Thanksgiving break and with a break from teaching duties I've found the energy to blog a little.  We moved into a new apt, not far from our old one, just a few weeks ago.  We've already cooked some yummy meals.  Chicken Pot Pie last night from Costco.  Here is a little of what happened this Summer through to Fall.  Back home and time for my favorite pie...summer or otherwise. July 27..strawberry pizza fav Not much available from August or was back in full swing and I was trying to keep my head above water.  We did eat well thanks to Everything Man, as usual...and got really good at making mojitos! October is our birthday month...and Oct 10-17th is our b