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5.15.11 Fajitas & guacamole

it is so hard to remember how to spell those two words...I always want to put an "h" in fajitas and an extra "o" in guacAmole.... That's what was for dinner....last nite we went to a local tex/mex  restaurant and had faJitas and margaritas..per a recommendation from a was very good...a great nite...walked around the outlet mall after...great people being at the international terminal at kidding. So tonight it was tex/mex at home...liquor stores are closed on beer was instead of marg's and faJitas on the menu....very satisfactory...a very satisfactory day indeed.

5.13.11 Steak Frites

tomato basil & vinegrete...with a little parm sprinkle rested filets with a little butter garnish fries...enuf said dinner is served...who needs a restaurant? It's Friday nite...time for some home cooking....Scott saw filets on sale at Market Steak Frites it was for dinner...three small filets...salted, peppered and  a tiny bit of garlic powder...oiled and seared in a screaming hot cast iron skillet...two min per side (we wrapped them in twine to keep them evenly cooked)...then a 400 or so oven for about 5-8 min (check Ina Garten's recipe for filets)...butter tabs on top...rested for 5 or so min... meanwhile in a skillet nearby... french fried taters were bubbling away in hot oil...about 2 lrg russets..peeled and sliced thin and wide, having been soaked in h20 and drained.......cooked till golden and salted..served with ketchup. it was deeeeelicious, as my little Madi would say...perfect it would have been perfect if not for needing to be a

5.7.2011 Shrimp & Steak

 shrimp sauteing on oil and butter till pink and tender mushrooms and asparagus sauteed with a little wine and garlic basil added to the buttery shrimp a strip steak (i think) ready for carving add a little garlic toast and dinner is ready