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Chile Relleno's & Shrimp...with upside down chocolate pie

Scott decided on chile rellenos last night..which may be my favorite mexican dish of all time, made with my favorite chile...poblano. They turned out wonderful...but a little funny drama in the prep. I'm sitting on the couch chillin and he's cleaning the chilis of the charred skin...and I hear..."mother", just that one word in disgust..ask him what's wrong...he say's nothing...a few seconds later...."son of a...." i get up to see if he's cut his finger off or what...he's standing over the sink, staring down at the drain....he finally tells me a chile just shot right down the garbage a missle...he thought it was shredded/destroyed...but i rescued it and it was fine...then we proceeded to laugh fitfully as he recounted the whole event...he was holding the chile by the stem (bad move) and was feeling confident after already successfully cleaning one...and that chile fell right off the stem and shot straight down the drain &

The Stitts boys are coming to dinner!

Okay, I'm planning the menu for us to eat tonight with the Stitts boys...long lost buddies who are coming over to hang out with great to connect with them again...must make note that nothing will have artifical sweetner since Mike I believe is severly allergic...need to make fresh salad dressing...w/sugar. Okay: Boirson & Mushroom stuffed Chix breasts: pound out the chix breast a bit to even it out, sautee mush and chop, mix w/ cheese, s&p chix, stuff mixture into slit made in chix...lightly bread w seasoned flour/pan fry and finish in oven or in a braise on the stove top with a light pan gravy (400) for 20 min? oh and add shrimp at end. Mashed Potato...Scott style with roasted garlic, cream and butter, do ahead a bit and keep warm on stove top Roasted Asparagus: 450 oven: 10 min, olive oil, s&p...maybe grate parm over top when done Green salad w/ tomato feta and almond, remake balsamic dressing w/0 artificial sweetner Strawberries w/shortcakes and lemon whipcre

Pot Roast Stew...with roasted garlic toast

Happy Easter! We went to church this morning and saw my sweet brother handing out bullitens! What a nice change of scenery for him...he looked very handsome, and happy. Well we decided pot roast would be good since we were going to be gone for the afternoon, which didn't pan out...but the pot roast was still good! The first time we made this recipe was New Years Day...but I forgot to blog it, but thankfully I wrote it down in my notebook...its really closer to stew since we cut the meat up..but the flavors of pot roast 2-3lbs London Broil, large chunks or any other good roast...used chuck roast today 5-6 cups chopped vegies, carrots, potato, onion, mushroom, celery...all cut in chunks, browned before adding to can leave small taters whole or cut in large chunks 1 pkt onion soup mix 1 pkt slow cooker pot roast mix (opt.) 1 can cream of mushroom soup (opt.) I would do one or the other or neither 2 cups beef stock/broth 1 tsp bacon fat/or crisp a couple pieces bacon bits and

17th engagement anniversary cake and fish fry:)

its our 17th anniversary of the day scott asked me to marry the sierra nevada mountains, by a stream...he sang to me and the rest is history. on our first wedding anniversary, we went out to the lake in Texarkana, stayed in a trailer on the lake, with all the dogs and fished...trot-lined for catfish, specifically, with jerry, scott's daddy. he had all the lines strung and baited so all we had to do was go out and get the fun, then we had a huge fish fry with all of jerry's huge family...the baby of 11 tonight in honor of that trip, scott made fried catfish, hushpuppies, fries and a yellow cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting....and i really must go work out again tomorrow! Cake: Make a box yellow cake, duncan hines is my favorite and frost it with this: 8 oz cream cheese, softened 4oz butter (1/2 stick) softened 4 cups sifted powdered sugar 1/8 tsp salt 1 tsp vanilla 1/2 cup cocoa powder (or a few oz melted, cooled dark chocolate, like ghirrad

Bread Bowls

Scott was struck with the great idea...ok we know its not original...but new for us at put our "marriage chili" in a small toasted sourdough breadbowl...and the results were spectacular! It took about 3 trips to different stores to find the right bread...but Market Street had an almost perfect bowl and it was inexpensive...around 1.50. We found a better one at Central Market for the next time we made it. Central Markets was a little bigger and less expensive...1.19. Any way, Scott gutted it and we toasted them after brushing them with butter/evoo mix...including all the breadcrumbs...s&p too. The first time we rubbed a garlic clove on the toasted bread...the second time I steeped garlic in the warmed butter/oil mix first. Both times sooo gooood! After toasting we layered chili with sourcream, cheese, bacon bits and more croutons. Oh...chili has reached new heights...but i don't know if we'll bother with the bowls next time because the croutons were so go